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Palliative Home Care Services in Dublin

Palliative care differs from hospice care in that palliative medicine can be used in all disease stages. This includes those with curable diseases, as well as those with chronic diseases.

The stresses and symptoms of a serious illness are a challenge to both the sufferer and the family of the sufferer. At Home Care Plus, we understand the necessity of providing support to families at these times. We can work in conjunction with families, and hospice or palliative care teams, to ensure a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, which will enable the reduction of anxiety and stress. The primary aim of our palliative care services is to improve the quality of life for the person and also to offer support to the family of the patient.

Team Approach to Palliative Care in Dublin

We understand that palliative care requires a team approach and our experienced team of carers can supplement the care provided by your palliative care team in Dublin. We believe that communication between the team and family are of vital importance.

Improve Quality of Life with our Palliative Care at Home Services

Our care workers are fully trained and supported in delivering quality palliative care. With a person-centered care approach we ensure the wishes and priorities of the person, family and friends are met, so as to make the most of those final few days, weeks, months in the comfort of your own home.

Call one of our experienced team today for further information on palliative care in Dublin. We will be happy to be of assistance.

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