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Personal Palliative Care, Respite Care & Live-In Care in Dublin

While most people enjoy a relatively healthy retirement initially, the effects of aging can eventually catch up with everyone. Even younger people who aren`t feeling the effects of aging, may, through other health circumstances, find themselves in need of a helping hand.

Our palliative care and respite care services include:

Home Help

  • Companionship
  • Light house work
  • Medication managment
  • Transportation and visits
  • Shopping and errands

Personal care

  • Hygiene care
  • Getting up in the morning and putting to bed at night
  • Convalescence care
  • Dementia care

Live in care

We can provide care from 1 hour a day right up to 24hr live in care, all tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Respite Care

For many, the challenges of caring for a loved one are part of daily life. Caregiving is a demanding, difficult job and no one is equipped to do it alone. Getting help is essential for your health, and your resilience is critical for your loved one.
Respite care with Home Care Plus provides short term breaks that relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance in your life.

Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients. Palliative Care is different to hospice care, as palliative medicine is appropriate for patients in all disease stages, including those undergoing treatment for curable illnesses along with those patients living with chronic diseases. Palliative care also includes care for those patients who are nearing the end of life.

All our care is provided by full trained and vetted carers, who are matched to their clients depending on skills, training and interests. All our carers are dedicated to their profession with a passion for giving the highest quality care possible.

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